Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have the answers.

A. Because we are a complete social media MARKETING service, not just a MANAGEMENT service.

We are marketeers by profession and apply proven online marketing strategies within the environment of social media. Our proprietary method, developed over many years, goes way beyond just making posts to your pages.

The end-result is we generate new business leads that create additional revenue for your business. And at the end of the day, revenue is the only marketing metric that matters.

A. There are “one or two”…..

1) You get increased exposure from being on four of the most popular social media platforms.

2) You get increased brand recognition and instant communication of your USP / customer proposition from the eye-catching graphic design that we create for you.

3) You get relevant, popular content curated and created which engages, educates, entertains and ultimately increases your new social media audience as viewers share it amongst their friends.

4) You get an enhanced reputation & increased brand awareness plus you demonstrate thought leadership and over time become the “goto” company in your field from the frequent daily posts that we make for you – 1,460 of them per year!

5) You get more rapid growth of your social audience and get prospects driven directly to your new lead generation website from the Facebook and Twitter adverts that we create for you.

6) You get improved rankings in Google search engine results from having a significant social media presence.

7) You get incredible insight into the effectiveness of your marketing from the analytics and reports that we provide you with.

8) You get customers who are much more willing to buy from you after they check you out online and find you have a popular social media following.

9) You get new business leads directly generated by the high-converting, mobile-friendly lead-generation website that we build for you.

10) You get new customers from those leads that result in increased revenue and profitability for your business.

Plus of course you get to work with a progressive company that delivers an awesome service at a great-value price – that’s us by the way :)

A. This will depend on your type of industry because the number of customers required to support different types of business varies greatly.

Please understand though that the Social Storm method is specifically designed to connect your business ONLY to people that are interested in what you do (we call it effective marketing).

Because of something called ‘EdgeRank’ getting Likes from non-interested people who never engage with your Facebook page or content is actually damaging to your business. If you want to get into the tech, you can read all about the reasons why here.

A. None. We take the tech out of it for you. You may already have noticed that we do not use technical terms or try to blind you with science. We are business people and we speak your language.

A. No, we create brand new pages for your business that are completely separate from your personal pages.

A. Because it will help grow your business even more. Everything we do is separate, distinct and in addition to your existing marketing.

A. You will be appointed a dedicated Account Manager who specializes in your industry type and is already knowledgable in your field.

A. Excellent question!

Firstly, unlike our competitors, we specialize only in specific industries that our Account Managers are recruited from or are already skilled in.

Secondly, we encourage your feedback so that your Account Manager can refine and hone the style of what they post for you (just like you would with an in-house employee).

And finally we have an entire Team of content creators, marketeers, advertising experts, copywriters and social media specialists that collectively generate brand-new content specifically for your business type.

Social Storm are the ONLY social media marketing company to adopt this approach. Why? Because the “Jack of all trades” is the master of none.

A. If you are reading this then our marketing almost certainly targeted you because we already do! To be sure though please contact us and if not you may join our waiting list  as Social Storm is fast expanding into new industries.

A. Our offices are open Monday – Friday 9-5 PST although we post for your business 7 days a week, 365 of the year.

A. Yes! We have offices in both the USA and Europe through which we serve companies in all English-speaking parts of the world.

A. Awesome! Simply send an email to your Social Storm Account Manager and he/she will post it to all of your social media pages for you. Note: we usually make the post for you within 1 business day.

A. Yes of course! We actively encourage our clients to regularly login, answer inquiries and engage directly with their audience.

A. No problem. You can cancel for any reason at any time. We just ask that you give us 30 days notice as we forward plan the the research and content creation that we conduct for you.

A. We need you to respond to the new business inquiries that we generate. And we quite like to get paid on time too :)

A. You will receive a welcome letter and form to provide us with all the information necessary to professionally set-up and manage your accounts. Once you have completed the form your Social Storm Account Manager will contact you to introduce themselves. We will then create the graphic design for you to approve before creating your social media pages and new customer acquisition website. Only when you are completely happy with everything do we start the process of making daily posts.

A. Usually 3-5 business days although this can vary according to demand. If you need a rush set-up please contact us first.

A. Decide between our Monthly Plan (most popular) or Annual Plan (best value) and order online here.

With the Annual Plan we set-up all four of your social media pages and create your new lead-generation website free of charge (a $698 value).

Once we receive your order we will be in touch by return to get you underway.

A. No problem! Contact us today and we will answer any question you may have.

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